Levi Patterson Sr to Linus Pratt

May 29, 1838



To any Coroner of our county of Berkshire, the sheriff having deceased Greeting, whereas Levi Patterson of Carlisle in the state of Ohio, Gentleman, by the consideration of our Justices of our court of Common Pleas, holden at Lenox, within and for our county of Berkshire, on the fourth Monday of October A.D. 1837 recovered judgement against Linus Pratt, now and late of Ontario in the state of New York Yeoman for the sum of two-hundred & four dollars & ten cents damages, and sixteen dollars and twenty-nine cents costs of suit, as to us appears of record, whereof execution remains to be done. We command you therefore, that of the goods, chattels or lands of the said Linus within your precinct, you cause to be paid & satisfied unto the said Levi, at the value thereof in money, the aforesaid sums, being $220.39 in the whole with seventy five cents more for this & two former writs, and thereof also to satisfy yourself for your own fees and for want of goods, chattels or lands of the said Linus to be by him shown unto you, or found within your precinct, to the acceptance of the said Levi to satisfy the sums aforesaid. We command you to take the body of the said Linus and him commit unto our goal in Lenox in our county of Berkshire aforesaid, & him detain in your custody within our said goal until he pay the full sums above mentioned, with your fees or that he be discharged by the said Levi, the creditor or otherwise by order of law Thereof fail not and make return of this write, with your doings therein unto our court of Common Pleas to the holders at Lenox, within and for our county of Berkshire on the fourth Monday of June next


Witness, Artemus Ward Esq. at Lenox, the twenty-ninth day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight Charles Sedgewick, Clerk.


Berkshire June 6, 1838 by virtue of the annexed execution, on the day aforesaid I took the rents and profits of the estate of Linus Pratt the debtor, mentioned in said execution and levied this execution thereon. The premises being described in the foregoing (following) certificate of the appraisers which is hereby referred to & adopted for a description of said premises.


Source: Great Barrington Town Hall, Main Street, Berkshire Co., Mass. Transcribed by Mary Ellen Van Camp June 2005