John Dibell/Dibble - Guardian of Eugene McIntyre

April 7, 1863



To John Dibell Guardian of Eugene McIntyre of Mount Washington in the County of Berkshire, minor Greeting:

By virtue of the power and authority in me vested, I, J. L. Robinson Esquire, Judge of the Probate Court in and for said County of Berkshire, do hereby license you to sell at any time within one year from the date hereof the following mentioned real estate of said wards and put out the proceeds on interest or invest the same in some productive stock “one undivided ninth part of the real estate owned by Conrad McIntyre, late of said Mount Washington deceased, at his decease the father of said ward - the premises comprising about fifteen hundred and seventy acres more or less with the buildings thereon, the share of said ward in said estate being divided as heir of said Conrad

And you are ordered to give public notice of the time and place of each sale by causing notifications thereof to be posted thirty days at least before the sale in some public place in the city or town where the ward dwell, and in two adjoining cities or towns, as also in the city or town where the lands lie, or by publishing a notification thereof, three weeks successively, in the newspaper called the Berkshire Courier printed at Gr. Barrington and, within one year after such sale, return your affidavit of having given such notice with a copy thereof, to the Probate Office

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the said Probate Office to be affixed, at Lenox this Seventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three.

J. L. Robinson, Judge of Probate Court

Countersigned, A. J. Waterman Register

A true record

Attest A. J. Waterman Register

Transcribed and contributed by Warren R Cheever Aug 2007