Charles Schutt - Guardian of Ellen & Warren McIntyre

April 7, 1863



Berkshire SS At a Probate Court holden at Lenox in and for said county of Berkshire on the Seventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three, On the Petition of Charles Schutt , Guardian of Ellen F. & Warren McIntyre of Mount Washington, Praying for license to sell certain real estate of his wards, all persons interested having been duly notified, and no person objecting thereto, and it appearing that it would be for the benefit of said wards that their interest in the real estate described in said petition Should be sold and the proceeds thereof put out on interest, or invested in some productive stock; It is therefore ordered that guardian be licensed to sell all of said wards interest in said real estate for the purpose aforesaid, he giving the bond and taking the oath by law required.

J. L. Robinson, Judge of Probate Court


That we, Charles Schutt of Mount Washington in the county of Berkshire as principal and Samuel Slater & David P. Turner of said Mount Washington as sureties and all within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto James L. Robinson, Esquire, Judge of the Probate Court in and for the County of Berkshire in the full and just sum of two thousand dollars to be paid to said Judge, executers, and administrators, jointly and severally, by these presents. Sealed with the seals. Dated the Seventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three

The Condition of This Obligation is such, that if the above-bounden Charles Schutt, Guardian of Ellen F. McIntyre and Warren McIntyre, Minors, who has been licensed by said Court to sell certain real estate of said wards for investment shall sell the same in the manner prescribed for sales of real estate by executors and administrators, and account for the dispose of the proceeds in the manner provided by law,--then the obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, sealed, and delivered,

In the presence of, Charles Schutt, John Dibbel, Samuel Slater & David P. Turner

Berkshire SS April 7th 1863 Examined and approved

J. L. Robinson, Judge of Probate Court

I, Charles Schutt do solemnly swear that in disposing of the real estate of my wards Ellen F. & Warren McIntyre which I have been licensed to sell, I will use my best judgment in fixing on the time and place of sale, and will exert my utmost endeavor to dispose of the same in such manner as will be most for the advantage of all persons interested therein. So help me God.

Charles Schutt

Berkshire, ss: April 7th A. D. 1863 Personally appeared the above mentioned Charles Schutt and took and subscribed the foregoing oath. Before me, A. J. Waterman Justice of the Peace.


Transcribed and contributed by Warren R Cheever Aug 2007