'Tis a pleasing thought ....

that although in this world we meet but to part,

and love only to have the object of our affection

snatched from us when it seems most dear,

- that there is a world above,

a heavenly home,

where friends never part,

 and where sorrows never come.


- Edmund Dewitt Patterson, September 9, 1863, Confederate Civil War Soldier (POW). Great-grandson of Charles Patterson 1745-1837 of Mount Washington, Mass

taken from from his journal written during the Civil War published as Yankee Rebel in 2004



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Mount Washington, Mass Cemeteries

Alander Cemetery

Mount Washington Cemetery

Old Burial Ground/Ann Lee Cottage/North Hughes Farm Cemetery

South Egremont, Mass Cemeteries

Town Hill Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

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Chapinville Cemetery

Candee-Sage Cemetery


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