Van Deusen






son of ROBERT VAN DEUSEN and CHRISTINE ROORBACH was born 14 Apr 1728 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co., NY. 

He married FYTJE ROORBACH 1753. 

She was born 09 Feb 1734 in Livingston, Columbia Co., NY.




                   i.          ROBERT VAN DEUSEN, b. 1755; m. MARYTJE KREIN, 1776

                   ii.         MATHEW VAN DEUSEN, b. 1760; m. CATHARINA LIVINGSTON, 29 Nov 1783,

                               Claverack, NY

                   iii.       JOHN VAN DEUSEN, b. 1767; m. MARYTJE OR POLLY DECKER, 1790; d. 06 Jun 1826

                   iv.        GEORGE VAN DEUSEN, b. 13 Nov 1757; m. EVA BRESEE, 1778

                   v.          TABITHA VAN DEUSEN, b. 07 Mar 1762; m. (1) LAURENS DECKER; m. (2) SAMUEL


                   vi.        BARENT VAN DEUSEN, b. 28 Oct 1764; m. FITJE HALLENBECK, 19 Jan 1786,

                               Claverack, NY

                   vii.       MARTIN VAN DEUSEN, b. 1769; d. 18 Feb 1828; m. HANNA BRESEE

                   viii.      CHRISTINA VAN DEUSEN, b. 22 Aug 1772; m. ABRAHAM DECKER, 1789

                   ix.        CATHARINA VAN DEUSEN, b. 06 May 1775; m. NICHOLAS ROBERTSON, 1791

                   x.         TOBIAS VAN DEUSEN, b. 28 Feb 1779; m. CATHERINE LAMPMAN, 1799


Source: Van Deursen Genealogy, pg 51 Author: Albert Harrison Van Deusen Publication: Frank Allaben Genealogical Company, New York Date: 1912


At the time of the border riots in 1755 Johannes Van Deusen was living on leased land in the town of Taghkanic. His father, Robert, was a resident of the town of Ancram and also held a life-long lease from Robert Livingston.


Owing to frequent disturbances in the border towns there issued, a proclamation under the hand and seal of the Hon. George Clinton, Capt. Gen and Govr in Chief of the Province of New York and Territories thereon, depending in America, Vice-Admiral of the same and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty’s fleet, to arrest rioters in the Manor of Livingston.


Whereas several encroachments have lately been made by the inhabitants of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and in New Hampshire, upon the lands and possessions of divers of his Majesty’s subjects, holding the same by virtue of letters patent under the great seal of this province, on pretense that the said lands are included within the said two other provinces.


And whereas it appears that some person or persons pretending to be officers of the government of Massachusetts-Bay, came into the Manor of Livingston in this Province on or about the nineteenth of this instant, and with the aid and assistance of Josiah Loomis, William Webb, John Hallenbeck son of Michael Hallenbeck, Joseph Arcourt, Jonathan Younglove, and David Picksley, and divers other persons whose names are not known, in a riotous manner and with force entered the house of Robert Vanduersen in the said Manor of Livingston, and by force took, bound and carried away the said Robert Vanduersen and his son Johannis, out of the said Manor of Livingston, on order to confine them in some goal of the said government of Massachusetts-Bay, pretending that they acted under a Warrant or Authority from that Government for a trespass committed by the said Robert Vanduersen and his son Johannis, on lands lying within the said Manor and although its entrance with the said Manor lies within this Province, and was granted under the Great Seal of the same and by virtue thereof has been long in the quiet and peaceable possession of Robert Livingston, Junior, Esquire, and his Ancestors, and of persons claiming under them.


I have therefore thought fit by and with the advise of his Majesty’s Council of this Province, to issue this Proclamation, hereby in his Majesty’s Name strictly charging and Commanding the Sheriffs of the counties of Albany and Dutchess or either of them and the Constable and all other officers in the said Counties jointly or severally, forthwith to apprehend and take all and every the persons here in before named, and concerned in the riot aforesaid, and all and every such other person or persons as may appear to have been in ways aiding, abetting or assisting therein, and they and every of them to commit to the goals of the said Counties of Albany and Dutchess or either of them, there to be kept in safe custody, until delivered by due course of Law:


And for preventing the like riotous proceedings for a future, as much as may be, the said sheriffs and other officers are hereby in like manner, also strictly charged and commanded to apprehend and take all persons, who shall hereafter under color or paetremen of Title or Authority from the said Government of the Massachusetts Bay, or New Hampshire, enter upon and take possession of any lands granted under the Great Seal of this Province, and they also to commit to goal as aforesaid, there to be kept in safe custody until delivered as aforesaid. And if the whole power of the said Counties or either of them be necessary for the better putting the same in execution, then to summon the aid of the same accordingly. And all his majesty’s subjects within the said Counties are hereby required to give due assistance to the said sheriff and other officers, when summoned for the purposes aforesaid, for the several penalties the law can inflict, for their neglect or disobedience herein.


Given under my hand and seal at Arms at Fort George in the City of New York the 28 day of July in the year of our Lord 1753 and of his majesty’s reign the 27th.

By his Exellency’s Command

G Clinton

G W banyar D Secry

God Save the King


In a letter of Robert Van Deusen’s to Robert Livingston, he writes of the dispossessing of his son Johannes

and his family by inhabitants of Massachusetts Bay as follows:


Hon. Sir:


This Eauening there caime eleauen or twelve stranj men from New England and haue dispossessed my son Johonas and turnd the family out dores and euerything that he hass they took and put outside of the fence and will not. Alow them to be put in again and they say they will kill one of the creaters to-morrow morning for damage or trespass. These men I nor my son do not know one of them so sir no better news from your most humbl seruant.


Robert Vandeusen

Ancram Oct. 29, 1755


In a letter of Peter Livingston’s to his father concerning the boundary troubles, dated at the Manor of Livingston

the 31st day of Oct., 1755, he writes us follows:


Yesterday I went with Mr. Decker, our Overseer, according to your Order, to Tackkaneck to the house of John Van Deusen & there I found him turned out of his house with all his family & Benjamin Franckland & his son with 6 more men more in it, when I came to the door with Decker & Robert Van Deusen old Franckland ordered the men to knock their guns, I told them I did not come to fight with them but to talk with them, and ask them by what order or authority they turned the man out of his house. They say’d by orders of the Court of Boston, & that they would not go out of the house till they were forced out by the barrels of musquets or till Governor Shirly sent an order for them to go. They likewise told them that the gentleman that signed their orders was Collo. Partridge, and Collo. Dwight & c. I remain your dutifull son


Peter Livingston


(PS) Derick Spoor told me that the Chef man was Benjamin Frankland he likewise told me that 60 famieses was going to settle there.


Mr. Livingston under date of 9th Nov., 1755, at Albany, writes to his Excellency Gov. Hardy concerning a “company of New England men of the Massachusetts Bay to the number of 50 to 75 come last week to Taghkanic in my Manor, a place by estimation about 16 miles East of Hudson’s River, that they kept a Garrison at the House of Michial Hallenbeck, one of my Tenants on a leese for life and in the house of Johannes Van Deusen another of my tenants, who they had dispossessed and turned out with all his family the week before, that they were to begin on Fryday last, to run lines to lay out a Township and lay it into Lotts & settle it as fast as they could” to the end that “a speedy stop” may be put to those riotes proceedings. Again Mr. Livingston writes from the Manor Livingston, date of Nov. 23, 1755, to his Excellency, Gov. Hardy, explaining his reasons for detaining one Joseph Pain in Albany Goal in reprisal for the unjust and violent procedure taken by the Deputy Sherif of Massachusetts in dispossessing Robert Van Deusen and his son Johannes, two tenants of his out of their house and who were tied upon horses and carried away and committed to Springfield Goal where he was obliged to git suritoes to prevent their laying in a goal, and who were afterwards adjudged in the Court of Springfield to pay 38 odd lbs. lawful money for supposed respass and 14 lbs. of said money for court charges, which sums according to Mr. Livingston had already been paid by him to the utmost farthing. He therefore declines to order the Sheriff of Albany County to sett Pain at Liberty without having satisfaction made him.


Affidavits of Peter Livingston and others concerning the seizure of tenants from part of Livingston Manor, situated in Ancram.


City & County of Albany as, ss:

On the 21st day of November 1755 Mr Peter Livingston Swart Timothy Connor Jacob Decker & james Elliott appeared before me Dirck: W. Ten Broeck Esqr one of his Majesties Justice of the Peace for the City & County of Albany and made oath on the Holy Evengelist of Almighty God that they on the 20 day of this instant went to Taghkanick to the house lately in the possession of Johannis Van Deusen son of Robert Van Deusen with an order from his Excellency Governor Shirly to Benj Franklin who lately desposesed the said Johannis Van Deusen and turned him and his family out of doors and when the deponents came to the door there appeared 4 men at the door with their guns cock’d in their hands they told the deponents to stand off and present their guns and the deponents told they that they were come peaceable; his son Benjamin Frankland said his name was Franklin. The deponents asked him whether his father was gone he said to Sheffield and that he kept the possession till his father came home and then Timothy Connor told him that he had an order from his Excellency Governor Shirly to his father and that as he had said he kept the possession in his fathers absence he would deliver it to him which he did and young Franklin read it. Timothy Connor asked him if he would accept of that order and surrender up the possession to Johannis Van Deusen he said he would not till his father came home then he might do as he pleased but he was there he would not delivery it up. The deponants farther deposeth that Timothy Connor reasoned with him and told them their danger and that he could see by the order that they had bought the lands and paid for them from the Com. From Massachusetts and that the lands did not belong to Mr. Livingston nor the Government of New York. He further said that Governor Shirly was no longer Governor of the Massachusetts Bay but a Collonel in the Armey and that Spencer Phip was Governor now and that Governor Shirly had nothing to do in Boston while he was out of it so the deponents left the house and about an hour after heard several guns fired at the house where young Frankland was and after that several huzzas and farther the deponents saith not.


Swon before me

Dirck W: Ten Broeck Justice



Nicholas Van Deusen b 1795 and Abner Van Deusen b 1807, first cousins and grandsons of Johannes Van Deusen born 1728, moved to Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., Mass., before the 1840 US Census was taken.


Nicholas Van Deusen married Elizabeth Woodbeck/Whitbeck in 1817. Elizabeth (Whitbeck) Van Deusen is presumed to be the daughter of Henrick “Henry” Janse Whitbeck b 1774 and his wife Lentje “Caroline” Schutt living in Mount Washington in 1840, neighbors of “N Vandusen.”


Abner Van Deusen married 1833 in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY Olive Mead a daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Roberts) Mead of Mount Washington. Abner and his wife Olive were the parents of nine children born in Mount Washington between 1834 and 1847. Olive (Mead) Van Deusen predeceased her husband in 1847 and was buried in the Alander Cemetery in Mount Washington.  





was born 01 Sep 1795 in Columbia Co., NY, and died 1859. 


She was born 20 Jan 1798 in New York, and died Aft. 1870.


              Children of NICHOLAS VAN DEUSEN and ELIZABETH WHITBECK are:


                   i.          MARTIN7 VAN DEUSEN, b. 14 Aug 1819, Columbia Co., NY; d. 08 Mar 1887

                               m. LOVINA JONES, Bef. 1840; b. 02 Apr 1820; d. 09 May 1907

                   ii.         JOHN VAN DEUSEN, b. 23 Jun 1821, Columbia Co., NY

                   iii.       POLLY VAN DEUSEN, b. 11 Jul 1831, Columbia Co., NY; d. 01 Nov 1888

                   iv.        RACHEL VAN DEUSEN, b. 1833, Columbia Co., NY

                   v.          JAMES VAN DEUSEN, b. 1835, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   vi.        CATHERINE VAN DEUSEN, b. 1838, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   vii.       ALMIRA VAN DEUSEN, b. 1842, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA





was born 14 Feb 1807  in Claverack, Columbia Co., NY, and died 10 Jul 1881. 

He married (1) OLIVE MEAD 1833 in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, daughter of STEPHEN MEAD and HANNAH ROBERTS.

 She was born Abt. 1808 in Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA, and died 20 Sep 1847 in Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA.

He married (2) LUCINDA OR CYNTHIA POST Abt. 1850.  She was born in Massachusetts.


                              Children of ABNER VAN DEUSEN and OLIVE MEAD are:


                   i.          LEMAN7 VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1834, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   ii.         RICHARD VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1835, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   iii.       EZRA VAN DEUSEN, b. 1837, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA; d. 10 Aug 1863, drowned in 

                               Mississippi River while serving in the 49th Mass Reg., Co. E during the Civil War;

                               m. VIENNA E NEWMAN, 21 Feb 1858; b. Abt. 1841, Egremont, Berkshire Co., MA; d. 09 May 1885, 

                               Egremont, Berkshire Co., MA

                   iv.        LEVI VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1842, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   v.          DELBERT VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1844, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA; d. 19 Sep 1864

                   vi.        JAMES S VAN DEUSEN, b. 04 Mar 1844, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA;\

                               m. JOSEPHINE W HOLLENBECK, 05 Feb 1880

                   vii.       MARTHA VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1845, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   viii.      HIRAM G VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1846, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA

                   ix.        LAURA VAN DEUSEN, b. Abt. 1847, Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., MA