"This surname means, literally, son of Patrick and belongs to a large class of English and

Scotch surnames, similarly derived. This family is particularly numerous in Scotland,

in Stirlingshire, Aberdeenshire, Dumfriesshire, and in other counties.

The spelling Paterson is most generally used.

The Scotch-Irish, of this name, are very numerous in counties of

Down, Antrim, Armagh, Londonderry and Tyrone,where the spelling is usually Patterson.

The coat-of-arms of the Bishop of Ross, who belonged to the family of Paterson, is described;

 Argent, three pelicans feeding their young in nests, vert, on a chief, azure, as many mullets of the field.

The other Patterson arms are like this, or but little varied.

Andrew Patterson, who settled in Stratford, Connecticut, before 1690, came from Hamilton Scotland,

and is the progenitor of many of the Connecticut families.

Numerous pioneers of this surname came with the Scotch-Irish about 1720 to New England."


                                            Source: Family History of Central NY, Vol. I, Central New York Family Histories,

                          Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Family History, William S Pelletreau, 1907 Page 272


"The immigrant ancestor of this PATTERSON family was Andrew (1st) Patterson. He was born in Scotland about 1659; was a "Covenanter" and was imprisoned in Scotland for his activities in resistance to the English Kings' oppression of the Covenanters and was deported to America in 1685. He landed at what is now Perth Amboy, New Jersey in December 1685 and in the following year, probably in July, went to Stratford, Connecticut where he lived until his death December 2, 1746.


He married at Stratford, February 19, 1690, Elizabeth Peat, who was born February 19, 1669, the daughter of John, Jrs. and Sarah (Osborn) Peat of Stratford. She died at Cornwall, Connecticut, "in her 96th year." They had three sons: Charles, William and John and four daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Mary." "Further information on the Peat, Osborn, Nichols and Kellogg ancestry may be found in D.L. Jacobus' "History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield."


Source: The Patterson Family Manuscript by E.B. Patterson of East Berlin, Connecticut, May 1956, Housed in the Mason Library, Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.





"Andrew and Abigail Patterson probably lived at Stratford until about 1772 or 1774, when they removed to Mount Washington, Mass. Stratford land records clearly place him in Stratford in April 1746 and in December 1766, and his second, third and fourth children were baptized in Stratford in 1747, 1750 and 1752, respectively.


The Burton family records state that Andrew Patterson was grantee, and on November 17, 1772 of lot #37 at Mount Washington and that he was a Selectman at Mount Washington in 1789.


Stratford land records, Vol. 18, page 100, show that on January 22, 1774... "Andrew Patterson of Stratford" .... sold to Isaac Lewis of Stratford, for 130 pounds, some 13 acres of land with a dwelling house and barn, located at a place called Stony Brook Hill in Stratford.


South Egremont, Mass. Church records show that on June 26, 1774.... "Abigail, wife of Andrew Patterson" .... was admitted to that church, dismissed from the First Church at Stratford, Conn.


Summarizing, it appears likely that Andrew Patterson was living at Stratford in June 1772 when he was granted lot#37 at Mount Washington and that he sold his home place at Stratford in January 1774 and removed to Mount Washington shortly thereafter.


The U.S. Census of 1790, for the town of Mount Washington lists an "Andrew Paterson" as head of family there, with a family which consisted of one male 16 years of age or more, one male less than 16 years of age and one female.


Andrew Patterson died August 9, 1797, according to various family records. His probate record (Berkshire County Probate Registry, file #1860) includes his will dated October 26, 1785, which was proved September 5, 1797. The will names: wife Abigail; son Charles; son Andrew; and daughters Johanna Hall, wife of Joseph Hall; Abigail Lord, wife of Daniel Lord; Sarah Dibble, wife of Daniel Dibble, and Huldah Harvey, wife of Samuel Harvey. The widow during her widowhood and all of the household furniture. All of the real property, including the reversion of the widow's one-half, was left to the two sons, to be "Externally divided between them"... were willed ten pounds each, to be paid out of the personal estate. Wife Abigail and son Charles were named executors.


Presumably, both Andrew and Abigail died at Mount Washington; no gravestones have been found."


Source: The Patterson Family Manuscript by E.B. Patterson of East Berlin, Connecticut, May 1956, Housed in the Mason Library, Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts





" Charles (2nd) Patterson, son of Andrew (2nd) and Abigail (Beardsley) Patterson, was born September 22, 1745, probably at Stratford, Connecticut.


He married August 23, 1768, probably at New Fairfield, Conn., Martha Hall, who was born September 24, 1751, and who was probably a daughter of Capt. Elnathan Hall and Hannah (Bishop) Hall of New Fairfield.


Charles and Martha Hall Patterson were living in New Fairfield, CT in 1769, and apparently lived there until 1772 when they removed to Mount Washington, Mass. Their son Levi was baptized December 10,1769 by the Rev. Joseph Peck, Pastor of the New Fairfield Congregational Church, and on that same day, according to the church records, "Charles Patterson and wife renewed Covenant". The recorded minutes of this church also contain the following:


"... at a lawful meeting of the inhabitants of the south society in New Fairfield held on the 12th day of March A.D. 1770... voted that Charles Patterson shall have liberty to fence in the burying place in this society he making a fence sufficient against hogs & making a good handy pare of bars in some convenient place opposite the said burying place and said Patterson shall have the use of the ground for pastureing only during the society's pleasure he keeping hogs out and said Patterson shall have liberty to take off whatever he puts on said land. past & c."


Dr. D.William Patterson (no relation) recorded that Charles and Martha Patterson lived in New Fairfield in 1772, and that ... "family tradition is that they carried all of their effects to Mount Washington on horseback."


The Burton family records state that at Mount Washington, "... on May 5, 1772, Charles Patterson of New Fairfield was named as grantee of a portion of farm lot #38; the other portion being granted on the same day to Elnathan Hall of New Fairfield, Conn."


Dr. D. William Patterson, professional genealogist, in his manuscript "Andrew Patterson - Covenanter and Refugee", which belongs to the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn., states that Charles Patterson was born in Stratford, citing "family record"; also, that he married Martha Hall at New Fairfield. The Burton family records that that Charles Patterson was born at New Fairfield, but cited no source for the statement.


Charles Patterson (2nd) took an active part in the civil affairs of Mount Washington. He was a signer, in January 1774 and again in August 1776, of petitions for the incorporation of Mount Washington.(see collections of Berkshire Historical and Scientific Society, Vol. III, No. 4 (1913), pages 319-335). Beers' "History of Berkshire County", 1885, pages 226-230, shows that he participated in a meeting at Mount Washington on March 1, 1779, and states that he was the first Town Clerk. The Burton record stated that he was Town Clerk during the period of the Revolutionary War, as records in his handwriting show that he held that office in 1779, 1780 and 1781; also, that he was Proprietors' Clerk in 1788 and 1802, Accessor in 1797, Selectman in 1791, 1794, 1803, 1810, and 1812, and member of the school committee in 1807; also, that he was Justice of the Peace for many years and was known as Esquire Patterson.


His military record as given in "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War", 1903. Vol XI, page 1023, is as follows:


"Patterson, Charles. Private, Captain, King's Co., Col. Hopkins (Berkshire Co.) regt.; entered service July 15, 1776; discharged July 31, 1776; service 16 days; company marched by order of Brg. Gen. Fellows; also, Sergeant, Capt. John Spoor's co., Col. Benjamin Simonds' (Berkshire Co.) regt.; engaged April 26, 1777; discharged May 20, 1777; service 25 days at Saratoga by order of Maj. Gen. Gates."


A Mr. F. H. Keith, in a historical address given June 1, 1907, which was printed in the collections referred to above, stated that at Mount Washington .... "Baptist meetings were early held at the house of Charles Patterson, now owned by F.B. Schutt, a grandson..."; also, that on July 4, 1824, at an Independence Day celebration on the summit of Mount Everett, Charles Patterson of Mount Washington delivered the principal address because the scheduled speaker, Mr. Norman Hickox of Sheffield, became so exhausted in climbing the mountain that he was unable to deliver his speech.


Charles (2nd) Patterson died May 29, 1837, aged 92, and was buried on his farm there. Probate records (file #5828 at Pittsfield) include his will dated February 4, 1828, which names his heirs and amounts willed to them as follows:


wife Martha

Levi, my first son 1/8th less $199

Joseph, my third son 1/8th plus $198

Latta, wife of Freeman Hopkins,.. my first daughter1/8th less $137

Hannah, wife of Linus Pratt 1/8th less $109

Abigail (widow), my third daughter, and her children 1/8th

Emma, wife of Ira Schutt, 1/8th

Sally, widow of Luther my fourth son, and to Luther's children 1/8th

Mark O. and Luther H Patterson, heirs of Mark my fifth son deceased, 1/8th, except that if both should die leaving no heirs this to be divided by my sons Levi and Joseph.


June 6, 1837, a petition and notice for probate was filed at probate court in Lenox, Mass., on behalf of heirs identified as follows:


Levi Patterson of MT Washington

Joseph Patterson in Ohio

Patta and Hannah in New York State

Abigail in Ohio

Emma wife of Ira Schutt of MT Washington

children of deceased son Luther Patterson residing in Ohio

children of deceased son Mark, viz. Mark O. and Luther H., residing in Richmond, Mass.


The inventory of the estate, taken by Isaac Lamson, Jeremiah Dibble and William Wright, Junior, was submitted to the court July 4, 1837; totals: Real Estate $4426.84, Personal Estate $1162.54


On the same day, July 4, 1837, Levi Patterson of Mount Washington made bond as executor.


August 8, 1837, Martha Patterson, widow, petitioned the court waiving the provisions of the will, and asking that the court grant to her 1/3 of the use of the real estate, stating in the petition that she had ... "no place to lay my head." Oddly, Charles had willed to her a sum of money but had not willed her the use of any part of the homestead. The court granted her petition.


On the same day, August 8, 1837, Levi Patterson, executor, filed a complaint against Ira Schutt for.... "embezzlement of sundries including grass and apples" .... in the year 1834.. " from the farm where he resides".... Apparently, the heirs were not above "falling out" over their differences.


November 14, 1837, a petition for division of the real estate was filed on behalf of the following:


Levi Patterson

Ira Schutt for wife Emma

Freeman Hopkins for wife Patty

Joseph Patterson

John Hubbard Junior in right of wife Abigail

Linus Pratt in right of wife Hannah


November 30, 1837, Mark O. and Luther H. Patterson of West Stockbridge, Mass., receipted a notice in connection with the administration of the estate.


Note: above excerpts from the probate records are given in detail for the purpose of explaining some of the deductions given below concerning the whereabouts and status of some of the children at that time; also, because there are discrepancies which this writer can not explain. (E.B. Patterson - New Berlin, Conn., May 1956)"


Source: The Patterson Family Manuscript by E.B. Patterson of East Berlin, Connecticut, May 1956, Housed in the Mason Library, Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts