Mount Washington Cemetery 2006

     *  Revolutionary War Veteran

           *  Civil War Veteran


ISAACSON               Newton 1862-1925

                                    (WHITBECK) Emma, his wf., 1857 –


WHITBECK                    Henry d. June 10, 1906 age 77 yrs        

  "Farewell my dear daughters, your father he has gone, prepare yourself to meet him,

   among God's throne.”

                                    (SCUTT) Louisa, his wf., d. Oct 14, 1920 age 88 yrs 8 mos

          "The grass withereth, the flowers fadeth, but the word of God shall stand forever."


SCUTT                        (WHITBECK) Sarah A., wf., Edward C., b. Aug 22, 1863; d. Jan 28, 1906


OSBURNE                  Marjorie E.A., d. Apr 21, 1927


KANDF                       Hartwig, M.D.  F.A.C.P. 1876-1926


                                        Whitbeck Lot

WHITBECK                Kileon d. Sept 19, 1849 age 48 yrs

                                    (PATTERSON) Maria, his wf., d. Oct 7, 1849 age 49 yrs

 "Your mother had another aunt named Mariah Patterson. She married a man by the name of Keleon Whitbeck in Mount Washington, and they had quite a family. They both died long before we left there (1852), with the Disentery, which is frequently  fatal in the east - two or three of their children died about the same time, with the same disease.” Source: Genealogy written by Stanton A. Campbell, August 21, 1862 to his only remaining child Truth Alice Campbell.        

                                    Delia J., their dau. d. Sept 30, 1849 age 18 yrs

                                    Martha P., their dau. d. Sept 25, 1849 age 11 yrs

                                    Baby Nettie 

PATTERSON             (LATHROP) Hannah d. July 1826 age 55 yrs

           "Our Mother"                    

LAMSON                   (PATTERSON) Eliza, wf., Origin, d. May 26, 1847 age 53 yrs

"Your grandmother Lamson was a fine woman but suffered for many years with Asthma from the effects of which she finally died. My team carried her body to the grave." Genealogy written by Stanton A. Campbell, August 21, 1862 to his only remaining child Truth   Alice Campbell

                              Hannah, dau. Origin d. May 22, 1833 age 8 yrs


FEELEY                      Lucille Lorraine, wf., Walter E. 1903-1931


WHITBECK                Angie B., 1857-1900

                                    Orrin C., 1827-1911

                                    (KLINE) Nancy M., 1828-1901

"WHITBECK, Orrin C., son of Killian H and Maria Whitbeck, was born on the second day of December 1827, at Mt Washington, Berkshire County. His education was received in the public schools of his native town, where he has always resided, and besides many public and private duties, he has followed the vocation of practical farmer and surveyor, conducting the "summit farm," the family homestead, which he purchased in 1850.- During his active career Mr Whitbeck has held all of the town offices. For twelve years he was town clerk, has been a justice of the peace for twenty-five years, and is chairman of the school committee.- He represented his district in the Legislature in 1882, serving on the committee on agriculture, and is at present postmaster of the town. During 1883 and 84 he was engaged with Prof H F Walling in the United States geological survey in southern Berkshire.-On the 8th of June, 1849, Mr Whitbeck married in Albany, NY to Nancy M., daughter of Horace and Electa Kline. Their five children are: George S., Mrs. F B Schutt, Mrs. Ira O Lamson, Angie B and Arthur B Whitbeck." Source: One of a Thousand: A Series of Biographical Sketches of One Thousand Representative Men Resident of Massachusetts. Published 1890 First National Publishing Company, Pg 646


SPURR                        Isaac Sept 23, 1825 - Jan 10, 1900

                                    (SCHUTT) Adaline, his wf., Sept 9, 1835 -- June 28, 1920


MORRISON               Andrew 1838-1922

                                    Caroline, 1851-1927


CLINE                        * John, S.A.R. marker 1764-1829

                                   (HOWARD) Deidamia, his wf., 1765-1828


LAMSON                   Cyrus, 1801-1884

                                   (CLINE) Deidamia wf., Cyrus, 1809-1876

                                   George O., 1845-1867

                                   James K.P., 1846-1870

                                   Alma 1838-1899

                                   Frances J., 1848-1926


POLLARD                 (CAMPBELL) Anne, wf., John d. Mar 10, 1837 age 81 yrs

                                   Simeon, son John & Anne d. Jan 29, 1865 age 75 yrs

                                   Clark, s of Simeon & Anne d. Mar 29, 1843 age 7 yrs

                                   Hulda, dau Simeon & Anne d. May 4, 1843 age 11 yrs 6 mos.


SCUTT                      Orville d. Mar 22, 1831 (34?)


SPURR                       Samuel D., d. Aug 22, 1850 age 30 yrs 6 mos.


SCUTT                       Charles, b. Aug 27, 1793; d. Jan 23, 1878

                                   (BALLARD) Bethany, his wf., b. Apr 14, 1794; d. Sept 20, 1876

                                   (SMITH) Fidelity, wf., William d. Mar 27, 1813, age 45 yrs


HOLLEY                     (LEWIS) Rebecca, wf., John, d. July 22, 1838 age 80 yrs

                                       "erected by her son, John"

                                   * John.Holley. d. July 4, 1812 age 65

”Her (Waitstill Holley Patterson Lamson) father, John Holley, was born at Sharon, Conn., 1750, and died at Mt Washington, 4 July, 1812. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War in the 4th N.Y. Regiment, 1 Jan., 1777, from Ancram, N.Y., and served until 28 July, 1780, attaining the rank of Sergeant. He was a great uncle of Alexander H. Holley, who was elected Governor of Conn., 1857. Source: O & F Lamson, Memorial of Elder Ebenezer Lamson of Concord, Mass.; his ancestors and descendants, (125 pages 1908) pg. 25


RACE                          (LINDSEY) Lucy M., wf., Martin d. Apr 1, 1887 age 50 yrs 2 mos

“The only child remaining in Mt Washington was his (Gilbert Race) son Martin Race, who I suppose stayed because of his wife’s ties to her family. Lucy’s parents William and Samantha “Betsey” (Karner) Lindsey lived in Mt Washington until their deaths. Lucy died in Mt Washington in 1887, Martin and children Charles E. and Truth Ann joined the rest of the family in Chicago shortly thereafter. Martin’s daughter Ellen had married David File and moved to Albany, NY. Martin never remarried; he died in Chicago in 1909. The only grandchild that was listed in his Will was Arthur W Kline, son of his deceased daughter Alice who had married Scott W Kline in Egremont, MA. Alice died in 1882 at the age of 20 years old.” Source: Donna (Race) Kneip, descendent, 2006

                                    (CAMPBELL) Huldah, wf., Gilbert b. July 22, 1808; d. May 30, 1869

Gilbert Race b. 20 March 1808 in Mt Washington, Mass d. 20 April 1885 in Waukegan, Lake Co., IL. He married Huldah Noble Campbell, dau. of Robert Campbell and Huldah Noble in Mt. Washington. Gilbert and Huldah are both buried in Mt Washington Cemetery. Documented in the Peterson Funeral Home Records in Waukegan, IL, it states that his body was shipped back to Massachusetts for burial. All the children of Gilbert and Huldah moved to Chicago, Illinois.” Source: Donna (Race) Kneip, descendent, 2006


LEE                             Williard May 28, 1815 age 72 yrs

                                    Prudence, his wf., d. Mar 11, 1836 age 81 yrs

                                    Sarah J., dau, Isaac & Mary d. May 9, 1832 age 5 mos.

                                    Mr Stors, d. Mar 12, 1803 in his 28th yr


GARLAND                 (SCHUTT) Mary wf. Owen d. Apr 29, 1870 age 48 yrs

                                    Charles, s. of Owen & Mary d. Jan 22, 1864 age 10 mos.


CULVER                     Lemuel, d. Aug 22, 1888 age 41 yrs

                                    *  Philander b. July 3, 1844; d. Apr 7, 1871 G.A.R.

Enlisted as a Private October 14, 1862 at the age of 18 into Co K 49th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment of Volunteers. Volunteered for and took an active part in the Forlorn Hope in Louisiana. Source: Life with the forty-ninth Mass Volunteers, Henry T Johns, Pittsfield, Mass, 1864, Pgs 200 & 227

                                    (SCHUTT) Laura W., his wf., d. Feb 27, 1907 age 78 yrs


GOODPALLETT        Jane wf., Michael, d. Sept 14, 1805 age 61 yrs

                                    Sally, wf., Michael d. Mar 21, 1821 age 76 yrs

                                      (* widows of Michael Goodpallett Rev War Soldier)


CHAPMAN                Stephen d. Nov 19, 1811 age 55 yrs


HAXTUN                    Jeremiah, d. July 12, 1812 age 47 yrs


KING                          Mrs. Polly, wf., Fenner d. Apr 21, 1800 age 28 yrs

                                    *  John, Esq., d. May 1, 1808 in 78th yr

Captain, 14th (Taconic Mountain) Co., 1st Berkshire Co Regiment of Mass…” My old friend John King Esq died about the fifth of May last”.- Source: Letter written by Capt Charles Patterson of Mt Washington (buried in  the Old Burial Ground, Mt Washington) dated  June 6, 1808.

                                    (FENNER) Elizabeth, his wf., d. Oct 29, 1808 age 81 yrs


LINDSEY                    William d. May 28, 1886 age 82 yrs

                                    (KARNER) Samantha B., d. Feb 15, 1875 age 65 yrs

                                    Jane M., d. Feb 25, 1860 age 27 yrs

                                    Carrie E., died May 23, 1858 age 3 yrs 5 mos.

                                    Jane M. died Feb., 25, 1782 age 27 yrs 2 mos.


CAMPBELL                (LAMSON) Waity, wf., John d. Apr 11, 1877 age 40 yrs

                                    Frank M., d. Oct 31, 1883 age 23 yrs


LAMSON                    (HOLLEY) Waistill, wf., Isaac, b. Jan 1, 1781; d _______ ?

Waitstill Holley Patterson Lamson was spoken of by her stepson, Otis Lamson, as the last and best wife of Isaac Lamson. She had a quick judgment in all things. "There was no fagging out with her." With four sets of children to manage, she showed rare executive ability. Her word was law and her house was always neat and in order. Source: O & F Lamson, Memorial of Elder Ebenezer Lamson of Concord, Mass.; his ancestors and descendants, (125 pages 1908) pg. 25

                                    Waity, dau. Isaac & Waistill

                                    Jason, b. Apr 16, 1806; d. Nov 20, 1890

                                    (CAMPBELL) Susanna C., his wf., b. Feb 14, 1814

                                    Susan Maria, their dau. d. Sept 30, 1861 age 21 yrs

"Sister Susan married Jason Lamson half brother of your grandfather Lamson. She has only three children living having lest two. Susan her youngest daughter died about the first of last October of sore throat, she was about twenty-one years old and your Uncle John wrote that he parents whilst she lived, had entertained an angel unawares.” Source: Genealogy written by Stanton  A. Campbell, August 21, 1862 to his only remaining child Truth Alice Campbell.                         

                              Campbell, their son, d. May 2, 1856 age 4 yrs 8 mos.

                                    Caroline 1854 age 11 yrs

                                    * Ebenezer b. _____ 1711 d. 1854

July 4, 1824, one of the most enjoyable celebrations ever held in Berkshire County was on the summit of Mount Everett. In the early morning there was a severe thunder shower accompanied by hail but soon after the sun shone forth in unclouded splendor and the inhabitants of Mount Washington and the adjoining towns began the ascent to the summit where flags were planted in the various crevices of the rocks, a large liberty pool erected and tables were set with refreshments in abundance. Cannon of considerable size was hauled up and salutes from that and guns frequently fired.


Norman Hicox, a noted wit and public speaker of Sheffield, weighing upwards of three hundred and fifty pounds, was to deliver the address. His route from Sheffield was up the east side of the mountain. He became exhausted before reaching the summit and the address was delivered by Charles Patterson, a resident, followed by Rev. Ebenezer Lamson, a Baptist chaplain in the Revolution. Mr. Lamson, although eighty-three years of age, spoke for a long time with much vigor of his revolutionary experiences, interspersed with anecdotes and songs of the Revolution. He died just ten years after on July 4th, 1834, aged ninety-three.”

                                    Isaac, b. 1761-1844

                                    Hopy, wf., Jiles Lee d. May 30, 1831, age 39 yrs


SMITH                       Milo, d. Oct 17, 1869 age 80 yrs

                                    Comfort, his wf., d. May 1869 age 79 yr

                                    John d. Dec 16, 1881 age 37 yrs

                                    Joel P, son Milo & Comfort died Sept., 12, 1831 age 4 yrs 4 mos


SHULTIS                    Willie, s. of James & Grace d. Feb 16, 1876 age 1 mo


SPURR                        Major d. Sept 29, 1869 age 57 yrs


PENDLETON            (SPURR) Amelia H., b. Aug 15, 1831; d. Dec 24, 1905

                                    (broken stone, probably that of husband John)


Sources: 1. Tombstone Inscriptions in Southern Berkshire Towns of Egremont, Monterey, and Mount Washington.,

Berkshire Anthenaeum, Pittsfield, MA & Mason Library, Great Barrington, MA.

2. Gravestone Inscriptions for Mount Washington, Berkshire Anthenaeum, Pittsfield, MA.

3. Cemetery visited & photographed by Rocco & Michele Valenzano 2003.