Salisbury, CT – Sheffield, MA boarder



                                                                                                   Candee-Sage Cemetery Aug 2004


“All inscriptions were taken in 1898 from stones standing in a small yard

a few rods east of the Under Mountain Road,

about a quarter of a mile north of Sage’s Ravine highway bridge.

This yard is also in Massachusetts.”


     *  Revolutionary War Veteran


BENTON                Mr. David                               d. Aug. 6, 1797 in 63rd yr.


CANDE               Zaccheus                                 d. Aug. 14, 1838 in 76th yr.    

          Hannah, wife of Zaccheus            d. May 7, 1820 in 42nd yr.

                   Isaac                                        d. Aug. 22, 1812 in 33rd yr.


CHAPIN              Mr. David                               d. May 22, 1812 in 31st yr.


HAUVER             Jacob                                       d. Jul. 1, 1865 a. 70 yr.


MUNN                 Jonathan Dunham                  d. Jun.

                                                s/o Julius & Marcy


SAGE                   *  Simeon (SAR Marker)          d. Dec. 12, 1840 a. 81 yr.

                                                                                                          Mary, wife of Simeon            d. May 14, 1819 a. 45 yr.


Source: 1. Historical Collections relating to the Town of Salisbury, Vol. 1, Salisbury Association, 1913, Pgs 121-123.

2. Visited & photographed by Michele Valenzano 2004