Mount Washington, Mass

(AKA: City, Lamson Cemetery)

(partial listing)


“From the intersection of the Cross Road and West Street, 0.3 miles south on West Street is a house.

 Opposite this house is a patch. Follow the patch. It will make a sharp left and ascend a small hill.

The cemetery is on this hill. The cemetery is rather neglected. Easily accessible.”



  Civil War Veteran


CAMPBELL               Robert b. Jun 19, 1776; d. Dec 17 1852

(NOBLE) Hulda N. his wf., b. Aug 15, 1775; d. Jun 28, 1819

Robert b. Apr 22, 1806; d. Oct 14, 1884

(MEAD) Dorcas, his wf., b. Jul 4, 1804; d. Jul 27, 1833

Peter, their son, b. Feb 27, 1829; d. Feb 27, 1830

(McINTYRE) Clarissa M, wf. Robert, b. Nov 10, 1814

*  Levi, son of R & C.M. b. Aug 5, 1836; d. Sept 5, 1863

"... We had sick with us, for whom we cared, but with such rough manner that they thought of home by a tenderness which was lacking; but, stop where we would, strong men and earnest-eyed women sought out the sick, pressing dainties upon them, till our good surgeon had to interfere to prevent any illustrations of being killed with kindness. What loving hearts could devise or loving skill prepare, was furnished with an accompanying tenderness that brought home vividly before our almost despairing, ay, dying comrades. Refined, delicate women would sit down in the dirty cars, take the heads of poor fellows on their laps, and tenderly bathe their brows and wash hands and feet that had long been guiltless of water. Like angels, they hovered over these wrecks of human strength, and, like angels, wept not, lest the tears welling up from overcharged hearts should hinder them in the discharge of their loving, but hurried duties. At Cleveland we left Lieutenant Reed, Charley French (D), and others. I fear they will return to Berkshire only as corpses."  Levi Campbell died Sept 5, 1863 in Cleveland, Ohio from illness, Pvt Co E 49th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts.

Edgar, Son of R & C.M. b. Mar 15, 1846; d. Dec 7, 1874

Clarissa, dau. R & C.M. b. Jan 4, 1848; d. Sept 11, 1848

Stephen, son R & C.M. b. Jan 3, 1853; d. Mar 26, 1859


McINTYRE                        Conrad, d. Jul 20, 1857 ae. 47 yrs

(SCHUTT) Emily, S, his wf., d. Mar 3, 1858, ae 41 yrs

Martin d. Sept 1, 1857 ae 12 yrs.

Mary J., d. Sept 3, 1848, ae 1 yr.

Mary A d. Jun 14, 1840 ae 1 yr

3 month old infant

Charles H., d. Sept 20, 1848 ae 8 yrs

Hiram L., d. Jun 10, 1856 ae 5 yrs.

Robert d. Aug 21, 1857, ae 15 yrs.


PATTERSON                    Luther H., 1811-1896

(WRIGHT) Rachel A., 1820-1893

George L., 1849-1893

Ira L., 1855-1922

(WEAVER) Nellie C. wf. Ira, 1860-1911

George L., their son, 1891-1907


BIGELOW                          Our Temple, dau. Albert & Dora (Paine) 1901-1902


WEAVER                            Henry P., 1812-1903

(FIELDS) Christina, his wf., b. Jan 15, 1819; d. Jan 5, 1885

Lois A., b. Jan 27, 1841; d. Sept 19, 1848

George M., b. Mar 17, 1847; d. Oct 24, 1848

William H., d. Nov 22, 1910, age 73 yrs.

(WOLCOTT) Ann M., his wf., d. Aug 28, 1885, ae 41 yrs.

Frank d. Dec 12, 1892, ae 41 yrs


VANTHERINE               Florine Esther, d.Mar 17, 1896, ae 6 wks


MELIUS                              Linus d. Nov 23, 1902, ae 74 yrs. 8 mos.


JONES                          John d. Oct 19, 1846

Elizabeth d. May 26, 1843


LAMSON                         Ira d. Jun 21, 1882, ae 74 yr (buried outside of cemetery)

“Ira Lamson is buried "outside" of the Alander Cemetery in Mt Washington, Mass due to his request to be buried with his Ox.”


CURTIS                    Miles G., d. Jan 16, 1826, ae 51 yrs.

                                      Miles G., d. Nov 6, 1825, ae 17 yrs.


VAN DEUSEN              (MEAD) Olive wf., Abner d. Sept 20, 1847, ae 39 yrs.                                             


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2. Gravestone Inscriptions for Mount Washington, Berkshire Anatheum, Pittsfield, MA.

3. Cemetery visited & photographed by Michele Valenzano 2003.